Episodio 1 - Introducción: 

Hola y bienvenidos! Hello and welcome to my video blog, 'Becoming Fluent.'

I started this blog for three reasons; to practice Spanish, document my time living abroad and to share my experiences with friends and family.  If you are like me and are not fluent in Spanish (yet), be sure to check the closed captioning for English subtitles.  Enjoy! 



Episodio 2

Porque Argentina?  Why Argentina?

I had the idea to spend a year abroad to learn Spanish, paint and really experience another culture.  I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some very beautiful countries.  I loved my time in Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain. So, why Buenos Aires?  In today's episode I discuss  all about why I'm pretending to be Argentinian for a year.  


Episodio 3

Todo sobre los números! All about numbers!

 One of the main causes of confusion living Buenos Aires is the differences with numbers. Whether if it's with dates, addresses, phone numbers or money; people need to know more than Spanish to comprehend.
 In today's episode, I compare the differences between how numbers are used in Argentina than in the United States.