Central Park

Central Park

On a sunny day, I sit in Central Park and draw the NY skyline. I love New York!

The last time I was in the big apple was back in 2008.   I had seen a Broadway show and during the show, it started raining. I loved how the light bounced off the wet streets. I took tons of photos and use them to paint my 'Time Square' painting.

I wanted to go back and take a current photo of where I was seven years ago. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. So many changes have happened since then; no longer is there the Kodak theater, Virgin mega store, nor the Mr Peanut build-board.

After much research, I was able to revisit the same spot:

Before and After

Before and After

All the times I have been to New York, I have always experienced walking under scaffolding. The city is constantly under-construction, yet ir still has the same energy. New York is an amazing place because there literally is an endless amount of things to do. 

April 14th, Figure Drawing Class

Last Tuesday was the first time in ten years I have taken a figure drawing class.  I remember the first time in college I had to draw someone nude.  I was very uncomfortable and I had all my clothes on.  My professor nonchalantly talked about drawing the form and the shadows as if we were drawing a bowl filled with fruit. 

Soon after, drawing someone nude was nothing, it was like drawing a bowl filled with fruit.

Thanks to the ADG for having the class and taking me back to memory lane. More info can be found on their website:  

Below are some drawings I did from the class:


April 9th, Downtown LA Artwalk

I throughly enjoy going downtown LA for the artwalk which is held the second Thursday of each  month.  It is always refreshing to see the work being done -- very inspiring.  There is one art gallery that stands out beyond the others.  Every time I go, I find pieces that have a certain quality, one that can't be defined by words, its an IT-factor and that is the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts gallery.

 I hope one day I will have my art shown there. Who knows, maybe if I plug their website I will get an interview:

Regardless, really good work.

Here is a  video recapping the night:



Back in college I worked on a painting that was inspired by Richard Diebenkorn's work. I re-worked it and here is the before and after:





"The hardest job of an artist is knowing when he is finished."

Will do Art for Vacation

A year ago I embarked on a project, "Will do Art for Vacation" (a fundraiser where people could donate towards my vacation to South America and then in-return receive original art based on those travels.) It was a huge success and an adventure that would forever change my outlook. Now I am hooked on traveling and creating art pieces based on those experiences.

Below is the promotional video for the project: