How to play:


English grammar can be boring -- not in this game!  Test your English grammar against the clock and submit the correct answer before your opponents; otherwise, you'll get eliminated.  

 The first 3 rounds consist of seven multiple-choice questions. Each round focuses on one aspect of English grammar (past perfect, conditional, adjectives, ect.) and players are asked to choose the correct word/phrase to make the sentence grammatically correct.   Players send their answers in a private message to the host before the timer goes off (20 seconds.)   If a player sends his/her correct answer to the host after the timer goes off, the point will not be counted.  If a player answers all seven questions correct in a round, they will receive a 'bonus life' that can be used in the final round.  Each player has the chance of earning three bonus lives, since there are three rounds.

The final round: as in the previous rounds, the players will answer multiple choice questions on English grammar, but in this round, players will be eliminated if they answer the question incorrect.  Players will also be eliminated if they do not answer within the twenty seconds (when the timer goes off.) If each player answers the question correct and within the time, then the person who had sent their answer last to the host, will be eliminated. The game continues with grammar questions until only one player remains. If every player answers a question incorrect, a new question is asked and the players remain at the same status as before.

 Bonus life: a player earns a 'bonus life' when he/she has answered every questions correctly  in a round.  In the final round a player that would have been eliminated can be saved by using their 'bonus life.'  When a player uses a bonus life in the final round, no players are eliminated. The game continues with grammar questions until only one player remains. A winner can not be determined by a 'bonus life.' Another question would be asked to determine the winner.   

Players are awarded points according to their position at the end of the game: first place is awarded 150 points,  second place is awarded 100 points,  third place is awarded 50 points,  fourth place is awarded 10 points,  fifth place is awarded 5 points. No points are awarded for sixth, seventh or eighth place.